Saturday, February 20, 2016

Diabetes – The Third Type


            In this post, I would like to talk about several things, such as -

  • Types of diabetes;
  • People who are at a risk to have diabetes;
  • Warning signs of the disease;
  • Preventing and treating diabetes.

I hope you find it informative and intriguing.  First off, types of diabetes.  Most people that you ask will at very least be able to tell you that there are two different types, type one and type two.  However, there is a good chance they will not be able to tell you about the third.

(1)   I am going to start off talking about Gestational diabetes.  This form of the illness only happens during pregnancy.  If you do have it, you can still have a healthy child, and after he or she is born you may not even have diabetes anymore.

(2)   Type one is usually diagnosed in young adults and children.  In this type, the body can’t produce Insulin.

(3)   Type two diabetes occurs when your body begins to struggle to use the Insulin in the correct way.  This is called insulin resistance.  The pancreas will, at first, make extra Insulin to make up for this, but eventually isn’t able to keep up – and therefore insulin and glucose levels cannot stay balanced.


The next thing I wanted the address is – who is at risk to have diabetes?

(1)  Type one.  Often it is family history; genetics.  If someone has diseases of the Pancreas, or any infection or illness that can damage your Pancreas can cause type on diabetes.  Although chances are if you didn’t have it in your childhood, you won’t get it after initial adolescence.

(2) Type two.  The leading cause for this (according to research studies in the U.S) is obesity among teenagers.  High blood pressure and low levels of HDL are proven causes as well.  And, you may be at risk if you exercise three times a week or less.  Type two is the most common out of the three.


(4)   Gestational.  It's caused by hormones the placenta makes or by too little insulin.  The older you are when the child is conceived, the higher the risk may be. 

What are some of the signs?  Headaches, increased thirst and hunger, dry mouth, unexplained fatigue and weight loss – even blurred vision.  Although these symptoms are also common symptoms for many other things, such as stress.  If you have any of the mentioned symptoms, don’t panic.  Have you been under a lot of stress lately?  Or perhaps you always have been?  If you panic, the symptoms will become more pronounced.  And it isn’t necessarily diabetes.  If you are concerned that it may be one of the types, you can talk to a doctor.

The last thing I want to discuss is, how do you prevent and treat this?  Exercise and a healthy diet are proven to be the best course of action for both treating, and to help prevent Diabetes.  There are some medicines to help control blood glucose levels, high blood pressure and cholesterol.

Many and really all medical professionals constantly remind us to exercise and eat right, and it can be quite enjoyable to find ways to do these things in our own lives.  There are many diets to choose from – Vegan, vegetarian, calorie counting and many more.  And many different forms of exercise – various sports, jogging, you could even look into a gym membership.  You never know, you might just enjoy yourself…


Thursday, February 18, 2016

How Do You Co-Write?

First off, I'm going to tell you that there have been many times where someone has asked me and my sister this question.  How do you co-write?  And shamefully, I have never had a very good answer... But perhaps I can explain it better in writing than I can in speaking.  Because that seems to be who I am...

C'est voila.  I've explained co-writing in a GIF.  Kidding... Mostly...

All right, there are several ways to do it.  One, I'm going to assume that most people thinking about co-writing don't actually live in the same house, but do see each other in real life...  So, you're going to want to find a day to sit down and talk.  Maybe over tea.  And scones.  Or biscuits.  Or whatever food helps you think, because food tends to help me think...

 (2) Bring a notebook.  Write down ideas.  Talk about your favourite movies, books, TV shows - what you like most about them.  Whether it's the characters, or the plot, or something else entirely.  You might find your own original idea hiding in someone else's, as odd as that may seem.  For example, when Christy and I began Turn of the Tides - we had been discussing Santa Clause.  And Peter Pan.  Three books later in the series, and I still remember the conversation...

(3) Don't focus too much on the plot.  I know, I know, you may want the perfect plot with no plot holes and with the grandest twists and turns that entice the reader so... But there will always be plot holes.  People will always find something to complain about.  And no, that's not very encouraging - but I'll tell you, put more into the characters than the plot.  If you do it right, the characters will surprise you.  Most likely the best books you have ever read were ones that had relatable characters...

(4)  People often ask if we take turns writing... And I think what they imagine is us, at one computer, writing together.  Or even taking turns with chapters.  But it is not so... I suggest using either Gmail, or Chatzy for the actual writing process - you get on separate computers, and one of you begins the chapter... Usually with description.  Say, Christy would begin like so -

Example) The ship rocked on the water, the wood creaking and the sails flapping in the wind.  It was calming... Well, at least it was for Loslin.  Ostaf found it to be rather sickening.  Sometimes Loslin did wonder why the young man wanted to stay on The Vengeance, as he spent quite a bit of time sea-sick.  The young pirate captain stood at the ship's wheel, gloved hands gripping it tightly.  "West," he called his brother's name as he saw him crossing the deck.

Then, I would read her post, and would reply with something like so...

Example)  West looked up, his expression rather confused.  He met ice-blue eyes, realization dawning as the other man called his name once more.  He nodded and began jogging towards the steps.  As soon as he reached his sibling, West stood by his side to look out at the bustling crew.  "Wh-what is it?" he asked, glancing sideways.

AND so it goes, sending paragraph's back and forth.  You have to be careful so that it doesn't end up with, say, this -

"How are you?" Loslin asked.

And five paragraphs later, after West FULLY muses on all of life's issues and basks in the sunlight and perhaps even does his best pirate jig...

"Oh.  Fine."

Yeah.  It's an art to master.  Christy and I did our fair-share of re-writing, and regretting our writing mistakes and... Yes.  Things happen.

(5)  Be kind to yourself, and to each other.  If you're not liking your character, take a step back.  Add a character trait.  Take one away.  Re-write a chapter.  Add a memory.  If you hate a scene you wrote, you can always fix it later.  

(6)  Just write.  You can edit later, you can make everything fit together just as you like it, you can add chapter titles and name the book and... You can do it all later.  Just write your book first.

Thank you all for your time, I love you, God bless and Godspeed in your adventures!